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Winter months can wreak major havoc on your vehicle. The dangerous weather, frigid temperatures, and being unprepared is a recipe for disaster. As temperatures begin to drop, now is the time to plan for the next few months and prepare you and your vehicle to ensure it operates properly and you remain safe all winter long. Hawkins Chevrolet understands the importance of car safety so we are providing you with tips to prepare your car for winter.

1. Keep a supply box in your vehicle
For your personal safety, having a box filled with supplies in your trunk can make the world of a difference when something goes wrong while traveling in the winter. If you are wondering what you should keep in your trunk, here is a list of items to include: a blanket, hand warmers, first-aid kit, extra pair of gloves, flashlight, ice scraper, and some high-energy snacks (like nuts).

2. Check your battery and motor oil
When the temperatures drop, your battery in your vehicle reduces its cranking power. When it is zero degrees outside, it has only half the power than when it’s 80 degrees out so it’s important to check the battery to see if it’s properly working or if it needs to be replaced. You can have the battery tested at a body shop, auto parts store, or auto service station. Hawkins Chevrolet would be happy to help you test your battery.

While it’s important to check the battery, it’s equally important to check the motor oil. Motor oil thickens when it’s cold making it hard for your engine to turn over. If you are getting an automobile tune-up and getting the oil changed, have them replace the oil filter, and check the radiator and heater hoses for any cracks or leaks. VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended oil for your vehicle. Most vehicles now use a partial or full synthetic based oil. Don’t fall for the “bargain priced” oil change plans until you know the oil your vehicle needs. Call Hawkins Chevrolet to set up a before-winter check-up to ensure your vehicle is safe on the roads as well as verifying the proper oil type and interval for your oil changes.

3. Replace old tires
Avoid spinning out and ending up in a ditch by replacing tires that are worn out. If you are procrastinating on replacing them, don’t delay as your safety depends on traction from the tires and winter grade tires tend to be in short supply when the snow comes. Hawkins Chevrolet can replace old tires for you and keep you safe this winter. In fact, Hawkins Chevrolet and General Motors is offering up to a $200 rebate with the purchase of a full set of tires. This offer ends December 31st.

Prepare your vehicle for winter with these tips and calling Hawkins Chevrolet for all your needs at 507-238-4786. Don’t wait to get your vehicle in for testing your battery or replacing old tires. Contact us today.

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