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Fall is a beautiful time of year with leaves changing colors, temperatures dropping, and kids returning to school. Unfortunately, it can also be a hazardous time of year for driving. Below are some safety tips for driving in the fall that will help keep you and others safe on the road.

Watch out for kids

September is when most kids head back to school. In the case of younger kids, they may be walking or hopping on and off buses. They may not yet have good road safety habits, so drivers must pay attention to the rules of the road and wait for bus stop signs or arms to fold back in before passing them. In addition, with some older kids as new drivers, it is important to make them aware of safety around children and of new traffic patterns. Allow for extra time so that you can avoid rushing through school zones.

Deer season brings hazards

Fall is deer breeding season, according to the Minnesota DOT. Chances of hitting a deer are greatly increased in the fall, so be sure to always drive at safe speeds and buckle up. Deer are especially active at sunrise and between 6 and 9 pm, so be extra careful when driving in wooded areas during those times of the day. Use high beams whenever possible. Most importantly, don’t swerve to avoid a deer as you may lose control and either crash off the road or into in-coming traffic.

Avoid sun glare

Days get shorter in the fall. This means the sun is closer to the horizon during commute times in the morning and evening, making it more dangerous for drivers. Direct sunlight can impinge your vision, and its glare across the windshield can create temporary blindness, making it very difficult to see cars or anything around you. Be sure to drive at safe speeds during these times of the day in the fall, keep an extra pair of sunglasses handy, and keep your windshield clean.

Be careful in rainy weather

Fall tends to bring more rain. According to the Minnesota DOT, one of our worst habits is driving with an inadequate following distance. Tail-gaiting is responsible for a significant number of crashes even in good weather. Add rain and poor road conditions to that equation, and those numbers go way up due to hydroplaning, difficulty seeing lane lines, and a compromised ability to break. Be safe and back off a safe distance from the car ahead of you. Be careful when braking on wet leaves. And slow down along dewy road curves and on slippery bridges.

Check that your vehicle is ready for fall

For a fall vehicle tune-up be sure to check your tire pressure as your car will not handle well if it gets too low. Replace both your front and back windshield wipers to reduce sun glare. And ask your mechanic to check that your headlights are working and aligned properly.

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