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With the arrival of spring, many of us are itching to spring clean our homes but it’s important to remember to spring clean our cars. Yet spring cleaning for our car involves more than removing the Starbucks cups and Cliff bars wrappers that haven’t made their way out of our cruiser. Let’s start with the outside:

Outside: Use a soft cloth and mild detergent. Pay attention to wheels. Brush off debris from tires. Get the winter grime out by using a bucket of water with a mild detergent, cleaning top to bottom.

Windows: Because of the salt and snow, that comes with winter driving, your windows will need extra attention.


Overhaul. Rushing to get inside from the cold, we often leave debris in the car.
Remove the kid’s old permission slips, grocery coupons you won’t use, old crayons, markers, and Hershey’s wrappers.

Console. This is the reception area of your car, the first thing you see. You’ll need mild cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. Many people use paper towels, but microfiber is less invasive on surfaces. Don’t forget about cupholders, using a damp cloth on the cup container.

Vacuum. This means the seats, floor mats, and rugs.

A note about leather upholstery. When you clean it, make sure you are using a leather approved cleaner.

Shine the Windows. Spray glass cleaner directly onto a cloth, containing the contents to the glass surfaces and not spraying on leather upholstery,

Remove and clean floor mats. These can be taken care of with a cleaner and the mat is hosed down with water. If no hose is available, use soapy water and clean carpeted floor mats with a carpet cleaner.

Wiper Blades. This is a good time to replace them. The winter vortex may have taken a toll on the wipers, don’t forget about this and replace it before it becomes a safety issue.

Hood and trunk. Leaves and debris can get into the engine area. Use a miniature broom to whisk them away. As far as the trunk goes, if you have had to haul leaves or branches from fall clean up, the trunk has been accumulating twigs etc.

Cleaning Tricks:

Magic Erasers are your friend. You’ll especially appreciate them when interior gunk won’t come off the console. You can pick them up just about anywhere and just keep one in your glove box so that is close and handy.

Fabric Softener Sheets: Yes, the kind you put in your dryer. Gain or Bounce anyone? Fabric softener sheets are the best way to get rid of those ongoing car-stench.

And…in spite of all the tips above, you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, just contact the Service Department at Hawkins Chevrolet. We have a highly regarded detail department that will take care of the job for you. You can go here to see our detail packages and their prices. We also have many ala carte services.

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