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The Importance of Car Detailing

Detailing your car is more than just a sparkly finish. You and your car will both benefit from an interior and exterior detailing. It goes beyond the shine, detailing can affect your health and personal safety, as well as your car’s overall value. Read below to learn why you should consider getting your car detailed.

Why You Should Get Your Car Detailed

An interior clean involves vacuuming, shampooing, deodorizing and more. This clean will increase the value of your car if you’re trying to sell, as well as make your car much more comfortable to drive in. A clean exterior can also increase the value of your vehicle, as well. So, when selling your car, always consider getting a complete detailing service. Professional detailers will take the time and effort to fully clean your car, saving you time and money.

  • Health & Safety: Mold and debris growing inside or outside of your car could cause some serious health issues, a well as damage your vehicle. Check your car’s air vents for any pests or bacteria. A dirty windshield could result in an accident if you’re not careful. Bright lights will be even more blinding with a scummed up windshield. If your brakes are caked in dirt, it can cause less resistance when braking.
  • Exterior Car Wash: One step to detailing your car you should always include is washing your vehicle. Built-up dirt and residue, especially in the harsh Minnesota winters can create rust, which can reduce the value of your car. A quality car wash can be the finishing touch to really get that shine. You won’t have to spend money on repainting if you get a quality car wash and detailing.
  • Fresh & Clean: Who doesn’t love that new car smell? A complete detailing, including interior and exterior car cleaning, will leave your vehicle feeling brand new. A fresh smelling interior, matched by a sparkly exterior is a great way to arrive in style. An interior car cleaning will appear more professional and inviting, especially if you have to transport clients or guests.

There is more to being an automotive company than making cars and trucks. Chevrolet prides itself on giving its customers peace of mind with dependable and safe vehicles. If you are in the market for a new car or a car detailing, check out Hawkins Chevrolet. We offer an extensive inventory, financing options, and expert auto services. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and being an integral part of the community. To learn more, call us at (507) 238-4786 or visit our website. We hope to see you soon in our showroom. Follow us on Facebook!

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