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It is no surprise that a solid foundation supports a house. Supportive shoes make for a comfortable fit and a healthy spine. Solid, well-made tires support a safe ride in your car. Tires are vitally important to the maintenance of your car as well as the safety of your family. The importance of good tires cannot be stressed enough. They are the most important component of your vehicle. You can’t go anywhere without them! And while you’re probably thinking “my brakes are pretty important too!” They are, they do slow your wheels from turning, but it’s actually the grip of your tires that brings the car to a full stop.


Tires play the most essential role in keeping you safe on the road. It’s crazy to think that the only part of each tire that is making contact with the road is an area about the size of your hand! Four hand-sized surfaces supporting the weight of your vehicle and managing traction, braking, handling, steering, shock absorption, acceleration, and even the sound in your car and the comfort of your ride. If your treads are bare and your tires are seriously deteriorated, you are risking the safety of yourself and your passengers.


Maximum tire traction affects all working components in your car. It helps you to remain in control of your vehicle in tough road conditions like snow or slush. Water and snow pass through full treads enabling your car to stay grounded while you drive. With no tread, treadless rubber just spins and slides on wet surfaces, which is very dangerous. In good weather conditions, your car simply handles better and provides a more satisfying ride and reduced fuel consumption.


When your tires are properly balanced, are full to the proper tire pressure, and have full tread, you can feel it in the way your car drives. Your ride is smooth. When your tire treads are bare or damaged, you can feel pulling, vibration, etc. Worn tires also create wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle making for poor performance. Your tires support your suspension making your ride bumpy and uncomfortable when your tires are worn down. Maintain your tires, and you will also be maintaining and preserving many of your car’s other components.


Who wants to waste money on gas? I doubt anyone would raise their hand to this. When your tires are not optimal, your car is not working efficiently, and it takes more energy to keep it moving. Make sure your tires are in good shape and balanced properly for the highest efficiency of your vehicle. Your car cannot stay in consistent contact with the road when your tires are off balance or worn down. Then your car then has to work harder and you are burning more fuel.

So now you’re thinking “how do I find the right tires for my vehicle?” Very good question. The experts at Hawkins Chevrolet can help you find the best tires for your vehicle. Hawkins Chevrolet has access to a large inventory of high-quality Chevrolet tires engineered for high mileage and performance. We will offer you “Good-Better-Best” pricing options to make your decision easy. And many of our tire brands come with rebates…and ALL our tires have a Price Match Guarantee. And finally, the last thing you want is new tires to be ruined due to poor wheel alignment. We offer a reduced price of only $19.95 for professional alignment check with the purchase four new tires.

Our committed and experienced staff is here to help you find the best tire option for your vehicle at the most reasonable prices. Come in and explore our inventory, visit our tire department online, or contact our tire specialists directly at (507) 238-4786, we look forward to serving you!

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